The trilingual exhibition called “Welcome” aims to be a training and awareness-raising instrument which can help people to get to know in depth the main matters about migratory flows, the structural causes that lead to the forced population movements around the world, the European exclusion laws which are racist, the role of immigrant women and people’s solidarity campaigns.

Through this website, viewers can surf the 10 various panels which make up the exhibition, each one of them focusing on a particular issue. This website is a living instrument, update don a weekly basis with videos, reports and research in Basque, Spanish and English.

From the 4 NGOs which constitute this partnership, we welcome and encourage you to take part in the local and territorial platforms that work on behalf of an antiracist, egalitarian, feminist and anti-militarist host society so that, among all of us, we can build our villages and cities based on the rights of all people rather than solely on the privileges of a few.

More than ever before, WELCOME!

You can contact or send us your suggestions to this email address: nafarroa@sodepaz.org